Thor Shipping covers all aspects of transport on land and sea. Our business is Forwarding-, Liner Service-, Stevedoring and Agency operations. We conduct our business with headquarter in Västerås and subsidiaries in Södertälje and Hull, England. Parent and principal owner, sitting in Amsterdam, Holland. Thor Shipping is represented with own offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, England and Sweden.

We, Thor Shipping Sweden, has assisted companies to achieve safe way of transport with their cargo since its inception in 1994. The load that requires great dedication and deep knowledge - not only logistics but also for the products itselves. The company was founded by Jerker Ahlsén and was called until 2011 JA Shipping AB. We have our roots around the Malardalen's port's. Here we found early a challenge to meet the many local industrial companies' needs for safe handling - often international players with the whole world as its market.

We have always had shipping as our strongest part of the transport chain, then our geographical location has given us the best competitive advantage in this segment. This was further strengthened in 2014 with the founding of the fullly owned subsidiaries S-U-N Line Shipping AB and Thor Shipping & Transport UK Ltd.

S-U-N Line is a short-sea shipping company that operates three ships in regular service, with combinations of containerized cargo and break-bulk, between Sweden - Belgium - Netherlands - England. Thor Shipping UK is a stevedoring and freight forwarding company located in Hull in the North East of England.

We are currently 46 employees in Thor Shipping AB with subsidiaries.

Contact information

  • Central Office
    +46 (0)10-129 30 50
  • Sun Line
    +46 (0)10-129 30 55
  • Forwarding
    +46 (0)10-129 30 60
  • Södertälje
    +46 (0)10-129 30 85
  • Agency
    +46 (0)10-129 30 90
  • Finance/CEO
    +46 (0)10-129 30 52
  • TST UK
    + 44 1482 718111