ABP keep investing in the future of TST UK

6/5/2019 Press release

Earlier this year ABP and Thor Shipping & Transport UK agreed on a new 10-year contract, which has lead to the investment of a new hybrid crane in the port of Hull

New £3.5 million crane installed in the port of Hull

A few months ago ABP and TST UK agreed on a new 10-year contract which meant further support for our development in England. The agreement states that ABP enters as a growth partner and investor to secure future development possibilities, and included the purchasing and installation of a new hybrid crane in the beginning of June.

The crane opens for more sustainable and environmentally friendly handling of cargo, and allows our collegues to handle two vessels at the same time. The new increased capacity for loading and discharging cargo results in our England office being able to provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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