Brexit 31/1 2020

12/18/2019 News

Since Boris Johnson's Conservative party got majority in the latest vote, Brexit is scheduled to take place on January 31st

When will Brexit actually happen?

Brexit has taken many turns both forwards and backwards since its start in 2016, but has reached a time where the UK can move on to the next step. Since Boris Johnson and his party received majority in the latest vote, the UK is now moving towards an official exit on January 31st 2020!

Even though the date is set for the beginning of next year, it means basically nothing practically yet. The UK will continue to live under the EU regulations and laws until a new deal between them and the union is agreed upon. The negotiations regarding this deal are planned to start by Brexit, but how long the transition time will be is still uncertain. Earlier it has been said that the UK can ask for a longer transition time if needed, up to two years if they wish, but Boris Johnson is trying to legislate an "all or nothing" scenario by December 31st 2020. If they have not achieved a deal by then, they will exit through a so called Hard Brexit. 

Thor Shipping & Transport monitor the situation as closely as we have been since 2016, and will contact and update relevant clients whenever it is necessary. We are, which you can read more about here, prepared for any scenario which may occur - with or without a deal.

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