Brexit & Export Declarations

11/27/2020 Brexit

To ensure loading of goods to the UK after Brexit, your export declaration is needed at least 24 h prior to departure. For more info, read here!

The importance of Export Declarations

As the liner operator (SUN Line) we are responsible to ensure we only load goods with approved export declarations, and therefore it is very important that those who handle customs matters themselves provides us with this at least 24 h prior to loading and departure. We need the export declaration as well as the shipping instructions sent to and in as timely manner as possible. 

If we were to miss your export declaration after document closing we will have to remove your goods from the loading list and reschedule your order to the next departure. This action will unfortunately come with extra charges as a consequence. 

For those who want more information regarding customs services and the opportunity to hire us for customs matters, please contact us by calling +46 (0) 10 - 129 30 50 and ask for our Head of customs.