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3/11/2020 Corona virus

Updated April 17th 2020: Thor Shipping's status

For questions regarding specific shipments, please contact your forwarding agent or call us at +46 (0) 10 - 129 30 50

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Closed borders and/or quarantines in Europe

April 17th, 2020

The below listed countries show what countries have closed borders or are under quarantines. The list is frequently updated:


COVID-19 and its worldwide effect on cargo flows

March 19th, 2020
Dear customer,

We are currently working hard at Thor Shipping & Transport to ensure your cargo's continuous transport and being able to deliver on time, but unfortunately COVID-19 creates consequences we are not able to affect at the moment. 

In order to minimize the negative effects the pandemic causes, we are prioritizing frequent updates of our routines and approaches in accordance to the nationally issued regulations in every relevant country. So far we have taken a number of actions to prevent the spread of the virus - to protect both ourselves, our customers and our suppliers - and we will continue to closely monitor the situation for all ours' sakes. 

These are a few scenarios that currently results in delays in our services:

  • An increased demand on public utilities which are prioritized due to national interests will affect some customers' deliveries
  • When companies and borders are affected by prohibitions and bans, the logistics flows go unbalanced and affects our lead times
  • Based on restricted or closed borders, queues and crowdings are building and drivers are required to find alternative routes which may take longer
  • Due to the increased strain on companies globally, it is very important that you as our customers ensure your cargo will be able to both load and unload as planned by your booking. That way we can avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

You will be able to find information on the situation here on our website, but if you require more specific details we recommend you to contact your personal forwarding agent or call us at + 46 (0) 10 - 129 30 50.

Thank you for your understanding,

Best regards,

Thor Shipping & Transport AB


Export ban on safety gear

March 19th, 2020
The European Union has prohibited export of safety gear which can be used against potentially contagious materials.

Products included by the restrictions are:

  • Protective goggles 
  • Face screens
  • Protective gear for covering the mouth or nose
  • Protective suit
  • Gloves

For more information, please visit your customs site. For Tullverket, press here!


Status of Thor Shipping & Transport

March 12th, 2020
Thor Shipping & Transport is closely monitoring the COVID-19 spread and is strongly committed to reducing the virus effects on our customers logistics flow and business as well as reduce the risk for our employee’s safety.

We are following the guidance provided by the World Health Organization as well as local recommendations in each country where we conduct business.

Actions within Thor Shipping & Transport

  • All abroad business trips have been cancelled until further notice.
  • Other business trips and meetings have been reduced to a minimum and is, if possible, replaced with an online meeting.
  • Private trips abroad are the responsibility and decision of each employee. The recommendation within Thor Shipping is that we urge caution until further notice.
  • All personnel have been instructed to stay home in case of signs of illness. This concludes for all symptoms, whether they can be connected to COVID-19 or not.

Instructions for our suppliers

  • When loading or unloading at the customer, first and foremost the customers directives are followed, these must have been informed to Thor Shipping before the transport booking.
  • Our suppliers / drivers are asked to be careful when loading / unloading. The transport documents should be handled in a secure matter without any physical contact with personnel on site.

Instructions for visits at our offices and terminals

When visiting our offices and terminals (Hull/Amsterdam) visitors must state their health status and if they have visited any of the risk-classified areas within the last 14 days.

Close monitoring of the risk-classified areas

Thor Shipping & Transport are closely monitoring the regions classified as risk areas and are following the recommended guidance for transport, loading and unloading.