Prices for customs services

10/4/2019 News

With a Brexit closing in on us, we've updated our prices for customs services. Read more about it here or under Services!

Customs services

A British exit from the European Union is closing in on as October 31st soon is upon us. Despite the uncertainties on exactly how the situation will unfold practically, we are as ready as one can be. Since the vote on their exit in November 2016 we've been preparing for a Great Britain outside of the alliance, and will be able to assist our customers no matter how the exit takes place.

The preparations made have included the update and renewal of our AEO-certificate as well as permits for temporary warehousing and customs warehouses, which means we will be able to continue with our import and export services as usual - both in and out of the EU.

For those of you not familiar with cargo in need of customs services outside of the EU we recommend to read this article, where we gathered information needed from you as the customer of these situations.

If you need answers to more specific questions on customs services, please contact us via e-mail on or by calling our office on +46 (0) 10 - 129 30 60.

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