When Brexit becomes real

9/30/2020 Information Brexit

New customs regulations for trading with the UK starting January 1st 2021 - read more about our preparations and check out what you can do to make the transition easier!

Brexit is no loger something vague or distant

The UK's exit from the European Union on January 31st earlier this year has already created many questions on how the relationship between them and the rest of the union will continue ahead. The official Brexit also meant the entering into a transition period meant to allow the parties to negotiate terms and legislation going forward, but has yet not proven to generate many clear decisions nor legislative actions. The time passed since entering this period has meant basically no change in trading practises for companies doing business between the two - but starting January 1st 2021 this will change.

New customs regulations between the EU and the UK starting 2021

We started preparing for Brexit a long time ago in order to maintain our business with the UK even when they no longer belonged to the EU. Our preparations therefore means we are ready to face the new customs reglulations starting on January 1st, since all our certificates and autorizations are up to date and valid. In order to be able to help our customers fully with their trading with the UK though, we recommend them to review their own possibilities for further relations with the UK too. In March of 2019 we published a simple guide to get Brexit-ready as an importer or exporter - read it here - but we want to stress the below points again:

- Make sure you posses an EORI number with your customs office

- Make sure your invoices and packing lists are complete with all neccessary information (please see more details in the Brexit guide here)

- Download and fill in a Letter of Appointment if you wish for us to handle your customs related work for you. In order to be valid it has to be signed by a company signatory. You'll find it here (English version to come - see Swedish version here!)

- Review your terms and conditions for the freight - if customs handling is needed for transport this needs to be included in your terms of agreement

- Control if your counterpart is prepared for these new customs regulations. In order to ship cargo between countries not belonging to the EU the cargo may need a certificate of approval from both sides of the trade, and the UK's exit from the union might have revoked the former automatically approved organ's rights to certify them. 

We understand that a lot of questions might already exist, or will appear on the way, and we are available for your questions via either info@thorshipping.se or 010 - 129 30 64.